What You Need To Know About Construction Law Claims

Posted by – March 24, 2011

The construction claims process is a very important component of construction law. The following article outlines the two main parts of construction legal claims, the preparation and expert testimony aspects.

Once a claim has been determined as the next course of action, it’s then important to start developing a strategic approach in both preparing and then presenting the claim. Going through this process will maximize the potential for recovering any potential losses. Your position is can be supported by a thorough review of the construction project contract paperwork. Attempting to get all of this information together yourself can be extremely overwhelming. A law firm that that works specifically in construction law claims will be able to help you prepare for any type of claim including:

o Project scope changes
o Project schedule delay and/or disruption
o Defective and deficient contract documents
o Management issues
o Cost of any corrective work to the construction project
o Construction productivity loss
o Delay of claims
o Wrongful contract termination or suspension
o Payment claims issues
o Construction claim presentation and negotiation tactics

Advice for Finding a Quality Construction Law Attorney

Posted by – February 26, 2011

If you are the owner of a construction business, it’s always recommended to have proper legal representation. Your construction attorney will be your legal representative for all issues that affect your business and complex construction projects. Your attorney can provide legal expert advice in regards to building regulations, and will be able to help you negotiate the challenging financial aspects of the construction project and also help take care of any disputes that may arise during the construction project. Selecting a good construction attorney may not be as simple as you might think. Here’s a few valuable tips that will come in handy while hiring a construction lawyer.

The first tip is that it’s very important that you select an attorney that specializes in construction law and has an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of construction legal issues.

The second tip is that you should always select a lawyer is experienced specifically in construction law. Be sure to verify if the construction attorney has only worked in small residential building projects or if they have experience in bigger shopping plaza projects.

The third tip is, check if the construction attorney has a record of representing various clients like financiers, architects as well as builders. Also, check that the construction lawyer has great negotiating skills. Prior successful negotiations are a good indicator that the construction lawyer can effectively negotiate with any conflicts from involved parties.

Lastly, your construction lawyer needs to have knowledge about the latest construction and building regulations.

The Importance of Litigation and Construction Law

Posted by – February 23, 2011

Recent issues in the housing industry and the overall U.S. economy have resulted in a number of abandoned construction projects which has caused many serious legal disputes. As a result , the need for construction attorneys is more important today than ever before.

Because construction projects often times involve a multitude of various contracts with different parties, thus construction law is not as clear cut as other types of law.

Every construction legal firm specializes in different areas of construction law, but would most likely address legal issues including the following:

* Construction project delays – delays have become commonplace as cash flow for construction projects becomes a major problem for contractors. However, even if the contractor or the person who started the construction project does not have the financial resources to finish the project, that person still owes a lot of money to the investors.

* Cost overruns and change orders – this occurs when an individual that is investing funds into a construction project believes that they were lied to during when the deal was first agreed upon.

* Defective work claims – when the funds for a construction project stops coming in, it’s not unusual for construction contractors to cut some corners and thus finishing the project in a very cheap and poor manner.